“Since we’re here in snow-covered Levi, let’s put it this way: we started the 6G research with deep powder snow,” Volker Ziegler said. There were no tracks on the ground that would limit us or guide us, he explained. And such an opportunity presents itself once every ten years…
It went largely under the radar during MWC, but in February ten governments aligned on a press release which called on telecoms providers to adhere to principles of "resilience, openness and security". They underlined that

During April 9-11 2024, almost 200 experts gathered to discuss fundamental business and pragmatic issues with how the telecoms world transitions from today to its next generation and highlighted significant research to support this. Enjoy

Among the different concepts for future networks, there is one that pops up again and again: the ‘network of networks’. Can we create a system which delivers end users a seamless experience regardless of the

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The integration of machine learning in edge computing has emerged as a transformative paradigm, offering unprecedented opportunities and challenges. This review paper explores the consequences for network architecture.
No rivals, no rockets, no thrill-seeking billionaires – this is a race for earth’s space, set in our physical and digital infrastructure, the spaces where we work, live and move. This is a race against time – a race we can only win by working together. How do we coordinate these demands? This 40-page report pulls together ideas from over 500 respondents in 10 countries.