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Spectrum Sharing in 6G: 6GSymposium

This 6GSymposium panel brings together an expert group from the FCC, DARPA, Google, Federated Wireless and the ITS under the guidance of Monica Paolini of Senza Fili. They discuss not only what the CBRS experience can teach us for future...

Latest Research

Engineering Bites, November 2020

Smart Cities, NFV, Data Security and fixing AI systems all provide delicious, nutritious brain-food in this month's edition. Making Sense of the City  The above quotation comes from a collaboration between Hong Kong Polytechnic University and AI Africa...

Nanobusiness – a Rising Business Category

An Omnisperience white paper detailing the market behind nanobusinesses; those ‘one-man-bands’ that operate with a business owner unsupported by any full-time employees.

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The Network’s Two Edges

Recent research has highlighted two concepts of edge in Beyond-5G and 6G networks; hierarchical, dense stationary cells and ad-hoc, distributed edge networks.

A hole in a mesh fence showing a city

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