Winning Ideas? Legitimation and Acceptance

Start date: Tue, May 24th 2022 10:00 AM CET

How does a complex global industry with an ever-widening set of stakeholders find consensus? How do different ideas win or lose? As we enter a period of dynamic change, with concepts from a variety of stakeholders across cloud, telecoms and other areas, the competition between ideas will be intense, with push-back from entrenched interests. Is there a way to ensure the best solutions reach the market?


  • Norman Fraser
    Norman Fraser
    Cofounder & Chairman, Softiron

    Previously CEO at dotFX Inc and Endava, Norman is a technology entrepreneur. Endava was recognized as the top technical digital agency in the UK and was listed on NYSE in 2018. He was also the co-founder and head of products at Vocalis Group. Norman holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics from University College London, an MSc in Computer Science from University College London and an MA in General Honours from the University of Edinburgh

  • Petri Ahokangas
    Petri Ahokangas
    Professor, Oulu University

    PETRI AHOKANGAS is the professor of Future digital business at University of Oulu, Oulu Business School, Martti Ahtisaari Institute, and works as part of the national 6G Flagship of Finland. He received his D.Sc. degree in 1998 from University of Vaasa, Finland and is adjunct professor at University of Oulu, Finland, University of Vaasa, Finland, and Aalborg University, Denmark. His research combines strategic management, entrepreneurship, foresight, and technology management with a focus on 5G/6G mobile communications, smart energy, and digitalization in general. His specific research themes include business models and business ecosystems and internationalization. He has over 20 years of experience in high and new technology in academia and in industry, has over 240 scientific publications

  • Erkko Autio
    Erkko Autio
    Professor, Imperial College London

    Erkko Autio FBA is Chair Professor in Technology Venturing at Imperial College Business School and co-founder of Wicked Acceleration Labs ( His research focuses on digitalisation, innovation ecosystems, platform ecosystems, and the strategic harnessing of open-source technologies in digital infrastructures. He is currently doing research on how AI, machine learning, and IoT technologies are transforming competitive dynamics in different sectors. His research has been cited over 45 000 times (Google Scholar) and in some 400-500 news media around the world. Combined, new ventures started by his students have created over €10Bn of new market capitalisation.

  • David Pollington
    David Pollington
    Head of Research, Bloc Ventures

    David is an experienced technologist with 26+ years pioneering in the mobile industry starting at Vodafone R&D where he led teams across four geographies and more recently at GSMA where as a Senior Technical Director he led strategic programmes with mobile operators and industry partners on a worldwide basis. During this time David established a strong reputation across the mobile industry for thought leadership, strategic analysis, mobile technical knowledge, clear communication and effective development of new business opportunities with partners using existing and emerging technologies. David is now the Head of Research for Bloc Ventures, using his extensive knowledge and expertise to advise Bloc on its Dealflow as well as helping Bloc's portfolio companies to succeed. David is a Chartered engineer (IET) with a Masters degree (MEng) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Imperial College, London and has 7 patents.

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