Profiting from Innovations in 6G as a General Purpose Technology

Start date: Tue, May 24th 2022 2:00 PM CET

There is scope for 6G to act as the basis for fresh industrial and social revolutions, supporting an integrated physical and digital environment, metaverses and more. While the underlying technology lies firmly in the telecoms domain, these players have struggled to monetise the benefits the last few generations of mobile technology have brought. How can telecoms providers change this pattern and profit from the innovations of a new generation?


  • Teresa Cottam
    Teresa Cottam
    Chief Analyst, Omnisperience

    Teresa Cottam is the chief analyst of telecoms industry analysts Omnisperience, where she specialises in monetisation, billing, charging, bundling, payments, customer & employee experience, and customer service. Teresa is a judge for the GSMA’s GloMo Awards and the World Communication Awards. She is a frequent presenter and chair of industry events, and a contributing analyst to the TM Forum on BSS and OSS topics. Teresa has more than 25 years’ experience advising CSPs, vendors, network equipment providers and investors, and previously held senior positions at Analysys Mason, Chorleywood Consulting, Informa and Ovum.

  • Jaroslav Toth
    Jaroslav Toth
    Senior Investment Advisor, European Investment Bank

  • Seppo Yrjölä
    Seppo Yrjölä
    Principal Engineer, Nokia Cloud & Network Services

    Seppo Yrjölä received the D.Sc. degree in telecommunications engineering from the University of Oulu. He is currently an Adjunct Professor and a Professor of Practice with the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu, in the field of techno-economics. He is also a Principal Engineer at Nokia Enterprise and has been building radios for 30 years in research, development, innovation, and business development. He incubates and steers opportunities externally with customers, partners, academia, and governments with the aim of driving growth by innovating holistically from technology to business models. Previously, he was the Head of the Wireless Technology for the Networks Division, Nokia, his role required looking beyond the product roadmap and identifying what new trends, technologies, and tools were on the horizon, and determining and validating how those future opportunities fit into the Nokia pipeline. He has been awarded more than 10 million in competitive research funding as the lead investigator, authored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, and holds several patents in the radio domain. He conducts multidisciplinary research combining technology, business, and regulatory aspects. His current mission is digitalizing the 70% of the GDP that has yet to be digitalized to drive massive productivity growth and new business. With his roots in engineering and economics, he explores how and why platform-based ecosystemic business models can emerge in the future wireless systems context.

  • Hanne-Stine Hallingby
    Hanne-Stine Hallingby
    Senior Researcher, Telenor Research

    Hanne Kristine Hallingby is a Senior Research Scientist at Telenor Research, and holds a PhD in innovation studies and two Masters in business economics and international strategy and marketing. She has 30 years of experience from research, business development and project management in the telecommunication sector. Her research focus has been the telecom business market and technology development. She is engaged in ICT-17, ICT-19, and ICT-52 projects, working with the 5G ecosystem, business validation and business models. She is heading the subgroup of 6G IA Vision and Societal Working Group: Business Validation, Models, and Ecosystem. Her publications have appeared in journals such as MIS Quarterly Executive, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, and IEEE Communications Magazine.

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