Advanced Non-Terrestrial Networks for beyond 5G

Start date: Wed, May 25th 2022 4:00 PM CET

Non-terrestrial networks will be an essential and integral part of communications infrastructures as we progress from 5G towards 6G, to provide coverage everywhere and increase the utility, availability and resilience of services. Along with their indispensable benefits they also bring unique challenges that require unique solutions, especially with some of the more technically demanding services being brought to market. This session discusses the challenges and showcases the work being done to overcome them.


  • Rahul Katariya
    Rahul Katariya
    Senior Consultant, Space Control and Information Solutions, SDI

  • Elizabeth Quintana
    Elizabeth Quintana
    Principal, Satellite Industry Engagement, OFCOM

  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen
    Director, System Modelling, OneWeb

  • Dan Veal
    Dan Veal
    Program Manager, National Physical Laboratory

  • Michael Fitch
    Michael Fitch
    Professor, University of Surrey

  • Anas Al Rawi
    Anas Al Rawi
    Senior Advisor, Emerging Technology, OFCOM

  • Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli
    Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli
    Professor, University of Bologna

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