DAY 1 – 6GSymposium Spring 2022 – May 23, 2022

Keynote: Paths Towards 6G

Convergence Points the Way Towards 6G

The Journey From 5G To 6G: National Programmes, Global Coordination

6G – Who Will Set the Agenda?

Evening Keynote

DAY 2 – 6GSymposium Spring 2022 – May 24, 2022

Winning Ideas? Legitimation and Acceptance

Private 5G/6G Networks as an Ecosystem Game-Changer

Why do we Need a Regulation Revolution?

Profiting from Innovations in 6G as a General Purpose Technology

Debate: Sustainable Networks are More than Just Energy Efficient

The Problem of Universal Access: Who Needs to Act?

DAY 3 – 6GSymposium Spring 2022 – May 25, 2022

6G’s Coming – Is a New Network Architecture

How Far Can Hardware Technologies Stretch and Scale on the Way to 6G?

See What I Mean? Integrating Sensing, Communications and Semantics

Waveform Candidates For 6G

Advanced Non-Terrestrial Networks for beyond 5G

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