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6GSymposium Roundup Spring 2022

ABOUT: 6GSymposium Roundup Spring 2022

Last month’s 6GSymposium brought together 73 speakers from all walks of life to shed light on the commercial and technical paths towards 6G. They covered everything from the evolution of regulation and international competition to new network architectures and the role of new materials – through making money, sustainability and even how to win the battle of ideas. It all came together to highlight that fundamental shifts in the market today are shaping the nature of telecoms itself.

If you don’t have 20 or so hours to spare watching the session videos (available free on the 6GSymposium website), join us for a one-hour digest of the key ideas and controversies, set in a wider context by some of Europe’s leading 6G experts from organizing partners 6GFlagship, Surrey’s 6G Innovation Centre and InterDigital. We’ll also take time to answer your questions.

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