By 2030, technology is set to respond to our thoughts, and even share them with others. Using the brain as an interface could mean the end of keyboards, mouses, game controllers, and ultimately user interfaces for any digital device. The user need only think the commands, and they will happen. Smartphones could even function without […]


Typical online experiences don’t involve scent today; however, consumers are estimating our sense of smell to be a key part of the internet by 2030. 56 percent expect to be able to digitally savour all the smells in films they watch. it also seems consumers are open for innovation in this field, with 47 percent […]


Among the several applications based on sight, by 2030, 4 in 10 consumers foresee the rise in popularity of online photos that are guaranteed to be unedited. As many as 43 percent foresee video calling services that only transmit unmodified, verified human faces. This trend is even more accentuated when it comes to dating services, […]


Could you imagine putting a device in your mouth that digitally enhances the food you eat, so that anything can taste exactly how you want it to? By 2030, 44 percent expect this to be possible. More than 4 in 10 expect a revolution in online shopping as we gain the ability to digitally taste […]


Going forward, people will think of digital touch as something affecting their whole body. 63 percent of the respondents expect smartphones with screens that convey the shape and texture of the digital icons and buttons that they are pressing. But the ability to feel digital textures might go way beyond the confines of the smartphone […]