Walter Tuttlebee

Founder & Director, WTIS

Dr Walter Tuttlebee began his career in telecoms R&D at Plessey Roke Manor Research, designing fast frequency hopping radios and leading the company’s role in the RACE Mobile programme. Subsequently at Siemens he contributed to the UK’s GSM testbed, Siemens’ first Gigaset cordless phone and helped build European collaborative R&D consortia and to pioneer software radio, conceiving and editing the Wiley book series on that technology.

During the 2000’s, as CEO of Mobile VCE (Virtual Centre of Excellence), Walter grew its global industry membership and developed early R&D in Green Radio and Flexible Networks, foundations for their subsequent 4G/5G industrialisation. Over the past decade Walter has consulted for FTSE 100, SME and Government organisations on 5G/6G/IoT technologies and their strategic application to transform other industries.

Walter continues to mentor leaders and founders, helps inward investors create and build R&D capability in the UK, advises growing SMEs and startups and supports the UK’s Dept for Science Innovation and Technology’s activities in telecoms and its applications. Walter has also served on Ofcom’s Spectrum Advisory Board, as well as in other advisory and executive roles. He holds an OBE, awarded for services to the telecoms industry.

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