Trevor Gill

Technical Advisor, Future Networks Programme, UK DSIT

Trevor Gill graduated from Cambridge University in 1977 and joined Racal Electronics. In 1983 he was part of the small team which helped to choose the technology of the analogue cellular network launched by Racal Vodafone in 1985. He initiated the design of the world’s first GSM mobile phone before moving to Vodafone to lead development of radio planning software. In Vodafone R&D he steered the subsequent development of 3G, 4G and the beginnings of 5G technology. He was Chief Scientist in Vodafone Group R&D and was recognised as a Vodafone “Distinguished Engineer” in 2012. He is now an independent consultant working with the Department for Science Innovation and Technology and trustee of two charities which encourage young people to take up careers in engineering.

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