Tracy van brakle 400

Tracy Van Brakle

Principal Member of Technical Staff, AT&T

Tracy van Brakle is a Member of Technical Staff within AT&T Labs Wireless Technologies / Network Automation and Analytics group, and is also a co-chair and/or contributor within several open source projects and standards development organizations.  Her current area of interest is integrating Open RAN technologies with open platforms, e.g., LFN 5G SBP, ETSI NFV MANO, using model-driven interface specifications from O-RAN and 3GPP.  Before joining AT&T, Tracy was a Senior Technologist with Goldman Sachs.  She holds 17 active US patents in Wireless Technologies.

Focus area:

Meeting functional and security requirements of military missions and civilian first responder teams in near real-time through a system-of-systems/network-of-networks (JADC2) approach across (1) Planning and Composition, (2) Interoperability, and (3) Execution. This integrates a novel Artificial Intelligence Planner with an open-source Service Management & Orchestration Framework and RAN Intelligent Controllers.