Tommaso Gagliardoni

SR Expert in Quantum Security, Kudelski Security

Dr. Tommaso Gagliardoni is a mathematician, cryptographer, and quantum security expert. He published influential peer-reviewed papers in the areas of cryptography, quantum computing, security, and privacy, and spoke at conferences such as CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT, and Black Hat Europe. As a subject expert on quantum security, he serves in the program committee of academic conferences, and collaborates with the WEF and official agencies in the context of international agreements. Expert in blockchain and DeFi technologies, he has performed cryptographic code audits for clients such as Binance, ING, Swiss Post. He also has a background in privacy hacktivism, investigative journalism, and ethical hacking, speaking at venues such as the International Journalism Festival. Tommaso worked at IBM Research before joining Swiss-American cybersecurity company Kudelski Security, where he is currently focused on leading the efforts in redefining cybersecurity in the new Quantum Age. 

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