Timo Jokiaho

Telco Technologist

As an Independent Telco Technologist, Mr. Jokiaho works with Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), Global System Integrators (GSIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Telecom Industry Organisations to advance open telco cloud initiatives with Open Source, containers and virtual machines, interoperability of components and building ecosystem in this space. His work encompasses architectural concepts, enhancements to networking performance, real time characteristics, availability / reliability and strategic use cases including virtualized / containerized radio access networks (Open RAN / vRAN / Cloud RAN) but also Core Networks (4G/5G).

Earlier, Mr. Jokiaho worked at Red Hat telecom operations through industry NFV journey with virtualizing 4G Evolved Packet Core, towards containerization of 5G Core and Open RAN. Before joining Red Hat, he led Samsung device software R&D in Finland as well as Samsung European Open Source Group. Before Samsung, Mr. Jokiaho led Huawei Technologies’ network software planning function, focusing on base platform domain (operating systems, virtualization and telco cloud availability and performance, pre-NFV) and terminal software platforms (e.g. Android). Prior to all previous, Mr. Jokiaho has also worked several years at Nokia network side in multiple roles, like business development, driving telecom related industry work and network element platform development. Outside of the telecommunications industry, Mr. Jokiaho has been part of developing equipment and software for the security industry and maritime navigation industry. He has also been running his own business for several years.

Mr. Jokiaho holds a Master’s degree in computer science from Helsinki University.

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