Tim O'Farrell

Chair in Wireless Communication, University of Sheffield

Tim is Chair Professor in Wireless Communication at the University of Sheffield, UK. He is internationally known for his research expertise in software-defined radio, waveform design for wireless communications systems and energy-efficieny in radio access networks. He has led over 26 major research projects, published extensively in inetrnational journals and conferences, and cofounded a start-up company. Tim led the UKRI Research Strategy Community Organisation in Communications, Mobile Computing and Networking (CommNet2), which promoted energy efficient networking as a key research theme. He recently won an UKRI award to establish the UK’s first National 6G Radio Systems Facility and he is participating in the DCMS funded YO-RAN project as part of the Future Open Networks Research Challenge Programme. He is a director of the mVCE and a member of the DCMS (now DSIT) College of Experts.

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