Tassos Lyratzis

Director, Spectrum Division, EETT

Dr. Tassos Lyratzis is an Electrical & Computer Engineer and holds a PhD in the field of Telecommunications & Computer Networks (1994). During his PhD studies, he worked as a specialist in Telecommunications in various European research projects.
He is working in EETT since 2001, in the Spectrum Directorate. He has been the Head of the Spectrum Management Department (2003-2006) when EETT was involved in the Spectrum Management of the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004. Since 2011 he is Head (Director) of Spectrum Division of EETT.
He participates in international activities in European Union Regulatory bodies like the Radio Spectrum Committee (2003-2006) and the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (2011 – today).
In 2016 he is co-rapporteur for the Working Group 5G “Spectrum related aspects for next-generation wireless systems (5G)” in RSPG.

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