Sunay Tripathi

Head of Telco & Enterprise Edge, Google

Sunay is the Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering and Product at MobiledgeX. He has an extensive 25+ years of software background and products created by him are currently used in mission critical environments like banks, telecom networks and data centers worldwide. He holds over 100+ patents in areas of containers, virtual swi tching and software defined networking.

Prior to MobiledgeX, Sunay founded Pluribus Networks where as founder/CTO, he built a distributed network operating system, netvisor, to run on switches and bring software defined networking (SDN) to the datacenter world.

His early career was at Sun Microsystem where he was the Chief Architect for Kernel/Network Virtualization and created container networking and virtual switching that became the mainstay of today’s microservices and cloud technologies.

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