Stiepan Kovac

CEO & Founder, Quantum Resistant Cryptography (QRC)

Stiepan Kovac, MSc ICT Security, specializes in complex system security issues involving cryptography, whether in blockchains or SIM cards. He co-authored the quantum resistant SIM card patent, which became the good practice for quantum safe 5G, as well as several provisional/pending patents in the field of secure telecoms, data & systems. He holds an inter-university Master’s degree in ICT Security with an applied research orientation from the UOC, UAB, URV and UIB (Spain), as well as a Swiss Bachelor’s degree in IT engineering. His studies abroad and army service across Switzerland brought him to master 5 European languages, likewise to acquire a good conversational level in several other languages.

Mr. Kovac started working in the field of standardization in 2017 as he joined an ITU-T / ETSI joint event on 5G safety and energy efficiency considerations. Since then, with his companies, and later, QRC, he amended ITU-T X.1197 guidelines on IPTV cryptography and wrote the cryptography part of H.551 (vehicular multimedia arch.), which refers to the former as well as X.1811, where he set the good practice for QSC 5G.

Mr. Kovac is a member of and subject-matter expert for various expert organizations, from ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 to ISO TC68, where he represents Switzerland for banking cryptography and chairs the cybersecurity subgroup for the NPI* standard. He also contributed to the DIN work on providing a normative basis for blockchains in Europe under the GDPR, which sparked the work on cryptography standards in Europe, and now works on securing Brain-Computer Interfaces internationally with INCITS (USA). In SC27, he focuses mainly on QRC / QSC, where he was instrumental in having international standards amended with it, aside from work on modes of operation for symmetric ciphers, also involving US NIST.

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