Stephen Hayes

VP Standards, Americas, Ericsson

Stephen Hayes is the Vice President of Standards for Ericsson for the Americas.  He has worked on various cellular issues over the last 30 years and been heavily involved in the evolution of the 3GPP family of technologies.  His current focus includes the ATIS committees and 3GPP.  Particular areas of interest include UAVs and Robotics.  He is also involved in several US advisory groups such as the FCC TAC (Technical Advisory Council) and the FCC CSRIC (Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council).

Stephen received the 2021 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award has held many 3GPP leadership positions (Vice-chair of 3GPP TSG-RAN, Chair of 3GPP TSG-SA, Chair of 3GPP TSG-CT).  Stephen currently chairs the 3GPP Working Procedures group that defines the processes 3GPP uses in its work.  Stephen is currently the vice-chair of the ATIS Next-G Technology Working Group.

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