Sheryl Genco

VP Advanced Technology, Ericsson

Dr. Sheryl M. Genco has over 30 years of experience in engineering and management at a wide range of organizations spanning large industrial, entrepreneurial ventures and the Government sector (NTIA, NIST). She has joined Ericsson to spearhead activities with industry and the U.S. government, innovating and collaborating, to exploit 5G and ultimately 6G for increased security and economic benefits. Her career has focused on the development of new technologies with emphasis on transforming state-of-the-possible ideas into commercial reality. While at NIST and NTIA, Dr. Genco was a strong advocate for spectrum policy guided by rigorous data analysis. Prior to joining NTIA, Dr. Genco was the Senior R&D Manager for Engineering at Honeywell Quantum Solutions, where she led an organization developing trapped ion quantum computers.

At NIST, she led the National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network, managing programs in the areas of wireless communications (LTE), 3.5GHz, GPS, and AWS-3. Dr. Genco is an IEEE Senior Member and received Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degrees in electrical engineering. Dr. Genco delivers exceptional results through collaboration and technology. An example of this is the 5G Challenge she developed between NTIA and DoD. While at NIST, Dr. Genco and her team won the prestigious Department of Commerce Gold Medal after a program to measure and analyze GPS out-of-band effects in the presence of LTE. She co-founded an engineering R&D company that developed synthetic precise nanomaterials for lunar simulants for NASA.

In addition to technology advocacy and collaborative program development, Dr. Genco’s passion is enabling socio-economic prosperity through science and education. Dr. Genco also founded a STEM-focused K-8 public school that has won multiple awards, including the prestigious John Irwin School of Excellence award. The school has educated more than 15,000 students in its two decades of continuous operation.

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