Rittwik Jana

Principal Network Engineer, Google

Rittwik is currently a Telco analytics and automation principal network engineer at Google. He was previously the chief architect of RAN intelligence at VMware and a Director/MTS of inventive science at AT&T Shannon Research Labs. He is an industry expert with over 25 years of experience in numerous wireless technologies and standards. His interests span architecting the disaggregated RAN intelligent controllers in O-RAN, service composition of VNFs using TOSCA, model driven control loop and automation in ONAP, networked video streaming and cellular networks and systems. He is currently the co-chair of the requirements group in Open RAN Software Community (OSC) and was also the chair of WG5 in FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) in 2021. He earned a Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia in 2000.

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