Richard Hoptroff

Chief Time Officer, Hoptroff

Richard Hoptroff is Chief Time Officer (CTO) at Hoptroff, a technology scaleup that specialises in providing accurate timing solutions. Richard cofounded the company in 2016 and spends his time developing conceptual technology into essential commercial products.

Since earning his PhD in Physics at Kings College London, he has founded start-ups in forecasting software, data mining, Bluetooth radio, ASIC fabrication, high accuracy smartwatch manufacture and most recently, Traceable Time as a Service®. Some of Richard’s most seminal published works are his research in the Horological Journal, where he wrote about his experiments in creating the world’s most accurate watch.

Richard is a prolific member of multiple learned societies including the Institute of Physics, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and the Real Time Club- the UK’s oldest technology debating society. Richard also presides over the Time Lords’ Club, a society of key engineering specialists that focus on time dissemination.

The creator of the world’s first atomic watch, Richard has since directed his attention away from providing accurate time to individuals and toward providing accurate time to industrial enterprises, using a combination of proprietary software and atomic clocks.