Mimi Tam

Chair, Next G Alliance Societal & Economic Needs Working Group

Over 38 years of leadership in R&D (CTO, VP of Engineering) and hands-on engineering experience in the Telecom/Wireless industry started out being a long-time embedded software engineer, signaling protocol developer, wireless networking architect, and moving on to lead large Engineering Organizations to deliver commercial Telecom/Wireless products/services; heavily involved in standards bodies (IEEE, 3GPP, ITU-T/R, ETSI, IETF) working with the ‘G’s from TDM to IP, fixed-mobile convergence, 2G, 3G, WiMAX, 4G/LTE, 5G & now 6G. Worked at large companies including Verizon Labs, Motorola, IBM, Ericsson, Polycom, Computer Associates, etc. as well as many startups including one of her own successful entrepreneurial ventures. Last 10 years focuses include M2M/IoT horizontal service platform technology, IoT vertical apps e.g., Smart Cities, VR/AR/MR, Drones, Smart Grids; E2E wireless deployment using autonomous networking (SON), SDN/NFV network transformation, Network Slicing, O-RAN, Intent-Based Networking design, Blockchain apps, Quantum Computing/IBM Q Experience, etc. Dr. Tam is also a professor at the University of Massachusetts as faculty in the Computer Science department teaching graduate and under-graduate CS & EE courses. She also chairs numerous IEEE working groups & technical societies.

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