Miki Beluri

Principal Engineer, InterDigital

Miki Beluri is a Principal Engineer in the Technology Evolution and Prototyping department, with expertise in the PHY and MAC layers of wireless communications systems. Since joining InterDigital in 2000, Miki was part of the development of 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. Miki was participated in or led multiple projects, such as millimeter wave technology development for 5G NR, shared spectrum and Dynamic Spectrum Management systems, algorithm design, modeling and simulations for NR, LTE, HSPA and WCDMA systems and more. She is currently working on 6G research topics, with focus on joint communications and sensing, and AI/ML for wireless communications. Miki has authored or co-authored papers in peer-reviewed IEEE conferences, magazines and journals. She holds more than 25 granted patents and is co-inventor on many additional patent applications.

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