Mazin Gilbert

Director Engineering, Telecom Analytics, Automation & Orchestration, Google Cloud

Mazin Gilbert is the Director of Engineering, Telecommunication Analytics, Automation and
Orchestration at Google Cloud. He has 30 years of experience in artificial intelligence and
machine learning, data analytics and automation for wireless and wireline networks,
human-machine communication and operation automation. In his previous role, Mazin served
as the Vice President of Network Analytics and Automation at AT&T Labs. He led AT&T’s
Research and Advanced Development of its network and access transformation and its 5G
network forecast, planning and innovations.
Mazin earned a bachelor’s and a doctoral degree, with first-class honors, in electrical
engineering & electronics from the University of Liverpool. He also earned an MBA for
Executives (Finance) from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Mazin holds over 200 U.S. patents in communication, networking and multimedia processing
and has published over 100 research papers in human-machine communication. He is the
author of the book titled, “Artificial Neural Networks for Speech Analysis/Synthesis”, 1992, and
an editor of a recent book on “Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Networks,” 2018. He
became an IEEE Fellow in 2012 and was the recipient of the AT&T Science and Technology
Award in 2013.
Mazin served as Chair of AT&T Technical Awards, AT&T Technical Title Plan, Board Member of
the Linux Foundation AI, Open Network Foundation, AT&T Ignite, and AT&T T-University.
Outside of his technology career, Mazin is an entrepreneur owning five limited liability
companies specializing in commercial and residential real estate and the dental industry. Mazin
loves to spend time with his daughters and is an avid runner.

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