Marco Lourenco

Head of Innovation & AI, ENISA

Marco Barros Lourenco is a technologist and a cybersecurity researcher with an international career spanning more than 25 years, mainly in the technology and security sectors. Marco started his career as a data forensics analyst for the financial industry and then transitioned to developing criminal investigation technology for West African countries. With experience in law enforcement and security domains, Marco joined an EU External Action Service Rule of Law Mission as Chief Information Security Officer and the United Nations Office in Africa as Regional Practice Leader. Marco worked internationally for the private sector as Regional Manager and Vice President for Microsoft Corporation and FreeBalance and for the last ten years, with more than 27 governments on three different continents, providing advisory services in cybersecurity and digital transformation. In 2018, Marco joined ENISA as Cybersecurity Expert Lead and currently leads the Agency research and innovation program. Marco completed his studies in computer science and business administration but continues involved in university work through his research activities in various cybersecurity domains.