Marc Grant

Vice Chair, Next G Alliance Roadmap WG

Marc has 30 years’ experience in the mobile telecommunications industry, with the last 25 years at AT&T. His contribution to mobile broadband wireless communications spans emerging technologies, radio system performance aspects, spectrum needs, and overall standards management.

Since 2003 he has chaired the Radio Aspects sub working group in ITU-R Working Party 5D (IMT Systems), successfully completing many significant ITU reports which have defined the global requirements and technology trends for 3G (IMT-2000), 4G (IMT-Advanced), 5G (IMT-2020). His group recently completed the Technology Trends Report for IMT-2030 (6G) and is preparing to begin the ITU requirements report for IMT-2030. Marc has been Board Member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) since 2008, serving as vice-chair from 2014-2018. He is vice-chair of the NextG Alliance Roadmap Working Group and has served in several leadership positions within 3GPP. He is currently Lead Technical Architect for Radio Standards in AT&T’s Wireless Technology and Standards Group.

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