Manjunath Varyali

Vehicle to Cloud Architect, CNHi Industrial

Chandrasekhar Manjunath Varayali (Manju) is Vehicle to Cloud Architect, Systems Architecture, CNH Industrial Inc. In this role, Chandrasekhar is responsible for Vehicle Connectivity vision and strategy.
Chandrasekhar holds a master’s degree in computer applications.
Chandrasekhar has more than 25 years of experience in the program management and Architecture, he has led several 4G, 5G , Wi-Fi and MVNO platform launches for Automotive OEM’s. Chandrasekhar has extensive experience in OEM and Consulting roles in IBM Australia, Ford Motor Company, and Toyota Motor Company.
His interests include Precision Agriculture, Autonomy, MBSE implementation, 5G , 6G and application of AI and ML in future communication systems.

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