Jeremy Nacer

Vice Chair, Societal & Economic Needs Working Group, Next G Alliance

Jeremy Nacer is the Senior Manager of Device Feature Planning in Verizon’s Technology and Product Development division. He leads the team responsible for the next generation of device technology and aligning the mobile ecosystem for commercialization. Jeremy is also responsible for Verizon’s device requirements, test plans and emerging business initiatives such as 5G Network Slicing and the development of new 5G device types.

In previous roles, Jeremy was responsible for creating and implementing Verizon’s device hardware strategy as well as developing partnerships with major component vendors. He led multiple initiatives to enable an industry-leading 5G mmWave ecosystem and launched several IoT technologies to ensure global device availability for customers. Jeremy also served as the team’s technical lead for all interactions with Automotive OEMs, assisting in the launch of Verizon’s first 4G connected vehicle.  Jeremy has represented Verizon in numerous global forums, including delegate for the GCF Steering Group and GSMA Terminal Steering Group, and as a Rapporteur for initial 4G Work Items in the GCF CAG.

Jeremy currently serves as Vice Chair, Societal & Economic Needs Working Group in the ATIS Next G Alliance. In this role, he is responsible for identifying and characterizing the 6G social and economic drivers, and making recommendations for how these factors should influence North American 6G research, development, and deployment.

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