Jaydee Griffith

Chief Technologist, Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund, NTIA

Jaydee Griffith is the Chief Technologist for the Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund, serving as the technical authority for the $1.5 billion federal grant program seeking to advance open, interoperable, and innovative solutions for 5G and beyond. Additionally he provides technical expertise to guide the development U.S. Government telecom policy at home and abroad, especially on 5G technology, open and interoperable networks, and international telecom technical standards. He frequently engages with developing countries on the importance of open and interoperable networks, network security, and the importance of a trusted telecom supply chain, in collaboration with the Commercial Law Development Program.


Prior to his role in the NTIA policy offices, Jaydee was with the NTIA Institute for Telecommunication Sciences where his work focused primarily on 5G system architecture standards and testing and led the buildout of the ITS Communications Research and Innovation Network (CRAIN), NTIA’s laboratory for testing communications networks for 5G and beyond. He has worked previously on issues related to the Internet of Things, Smart Agriculture, and V2X, representing NTIA and USDOT at various international connected vehicle events. Jaydee has received both a Department of Commerce Silver Medal (2015) and a Bronze Medal (2020). He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

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