Javan Erfanian

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Bell Canada & Board Alternate, NGMN

In his role as Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, at Bell Canada, Javan Erfanian primes wireless technology strategic direction. He has worked with global industry and research community towards vision and formulation of new technologies and service enablers, including NGMN, ETSI, ATIS, IEEE, among others. In particular, Javan was co-lead and chief editor of NGMN 5G initiative, published in early 2015. Recently, he was editor of NGMN’s 6G Drivers and Vision, and co-editor of NGMN’s Green Future Networks, both published in 2021. In his IEEE role, Javan has been an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Speaker for many years, and a recipient of Millennium medal in 2000. Javan has also taught at the University of Toronto, with IEEE publications and many citations. 

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