Dario Sabella

Intel & Chair, ETSI MEC

DARIO SABELLA works with INTEL as Senior Manager Standards and Research, driving new technologies and edge cloud innovation for advanced systems, involved in ecosystem engagement and coordinating internal alignment on edge computing across standards and industry. In 2021 has been elected as Chairman of ETSI MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing), while from 2019 he was serving as vice-chairman, previously Lead of Industry Groups, and from 2015 vice-chair of IEG WG. Since 2017 he is also delegate of 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) and Lead of gMEC4AUTO. Before 2017 he worked in TIM (Telecom Italia), as responsible in various research, experimental and operational activities on OFDMA technologies (LTE, 5G). He is Innovation Manager at 6G Flagship EU project Hexa-X. Author of several publications (80+) and patents (50+) in the field of wireless communications, energy efficiency and edge computing, Dario is IEEE senior member and has also organized several workshops and conferences. Since 2022 he is also Senior Associate Editor in the Editorial Board of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine.

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