Dale Seed

IoT Research and Innovation Principal Engineer, InterDigital

Dale Seed is a Principal Engineer at InterDigital, Inc. where he leads projects focused on IoT research and development. He is also a member of Convida Wireless, a Joint Venture partnership between InterDigital and Sony focused on IoT Research and Development. With his 20+ years of experience, Dale has been active in product development, research and standards such as ETSI, oneM2M, 3GPP and IETF.  In this role, Dale and his team are focusing on research, innovation, prototyping and standardization of next-generation technologies such as Internet protocols, middleware services and interfaces between humans and machines. He is the (co-)author of numerous industry publications and a frequent speaker at industry events. Dale and his team actively engage in collaborations with industry-leading universities and institutions to explore next-generation technologies. Dale has held various standards leadership positions and currently serves as vice-chairman of the oneM2M Technical Plenary. He also holds 50+ granted patents in the fields of IoT and Internet protocols.