Abhaya Sumanasena

Head of Policy & Regulation, Real Wireless & Chairman, UK-SPF

Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena PhD CEng SMIEEE MIET is a leader renowned for his strategic insight and hands-on expertise in addressing challenges related to spectrum, regulation and technology issues. Currently at the helm of Real Wireless’s Policy and Regulation practice, Abhaya also holds key positions, including being a member of the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board (OSAB) and Chairman of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum (UK SPF).

Abhaya’s leadership extends to guiding teams in technology strategy and policy development, spectrum auction support, and performing techno-economic and business case analyses for emerging technologies within national regulatory authorities, MNOs and vendors.

In his previous roles, Abhaya successfully delivered multi-million-pound strategic network capacity programs at Three UK and provided leadership in deploying the UK’s first HSDPA network. Abhaya also played an influential role in maintaining UK propositions and developing spectrum policies at Ofcom.

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