Guest Blog: Building a More Sustainable Future with 6G

By Satish Dhanasekaran, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Keysight Technologies While 5G is still a few years out from being mainstream, 6G research is already under way and is expected to be commercialised by 2030. This next generation of wireless technology promises to enable new ways for us to interact with our surroundings […]

IG4 Capital: Technology Innovation and Investment Reducing Climate Impact

Transforma Insights’ Matt Hatton sits down with Gema Esteban, Head of ESG at IG4 Capital, as part of a season of interviews on sustainability exclusively for 6GWorld.

In this conversation Gema discusses the role of technology investment approaches in reducing the environmental impact of human energy and water consumption.
The conversation covers new business models; the impact of investors; and startup innovation.