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Guest Editorial: The Future of a 6G-Enabled World

With 5G the focus has thus far been on the enterprise, seen by the majority of telcos as the sector of the market where they will recoup their $1trillion investment in the network. Revolutionary use cases will be achievable thanks to 6G’s massive leap forward in performance, even when compared with 5G networks.

Guest Interview: Roger Nichols on 6G Impact and More

Early 6G conversations predict ingenious ways for people to interact with their surroundings, including instantaneous communication, connected robotics, and wireless artificial intelligent interactions. This is the first part of an interview with Roger Nichols, Keysight’s 6G program manager, who discussed his perspective of what 6G will be and how to make the vision of 6G a reality.

Beyond-5G Use Cases: The Industry Speaks

A poll conducted by 6GWorld answered the question of “Who should take the lead defining use cases beyond 5G?” It illustrates a diversity of attitudes towards the evolution of the industry. 6GWorld caught up with a few experts to share their views on what these results tell us.

6G Drivers, Use Cases and KPIs: 6GSymposium

The first panel session at the 6GSymposium brought together experts from Ericsson, Qualcomm, Samsung, T-Mobile and Virginia Tech to unravel the 'why' of 6G. Moderator Caroline Gabriel takes the panelists through a wide range of ideas and fields questions from the audience.

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