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ATIS Next G Alliance Aims At Trustworthy Future Networks  

The USA’s Next G Alliance released a report by its Societal and Economic Needs [SEN] working group last week titled “Beyond Speed: Promoting Social and Economic Opportunities through 6G and Beyond”. Especially when it comes to the vexed issue of trust, the report takes a deep dive into concrete solutions and actions.

Trust and the Ethics of Future Networks

The ITU, ATIS Next G Alliance, the European Commission and others have all placed the idea not only of secure systems, but trustworthy systems, at the heart of their plans for the next generation of telecoms.

While security by design is a big ask, "trust" may be a bigger one.

Digital Trust, Hate Speech and Suppressing Malware

Without 'Digital Trust' and the public's ability to feel safe with new innovations, adoption of future services will falter. We spoke to a leading researcher about how to balance freedom of speech with online safety and the effect of combining psychology and technology.

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