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6G: The Road To A Revolution? Or The Road To Perdition?

6GWorld is fortunate to have an Advisory Board with a wide variety of different perspectives and insights from around the world. Not long ago, we caught up with the Board to talk about critical issues and concerns.
We certainly didn’t expect the depth and variety of conversation sparked between the different members but here are some of the key ideas and themes, many of which you won’t often hear in public forums, which all add up to an existential problem for many key players in the telecoms industry. Food for thought as we head into a new year.

APAC Telcos Rethinking What It Means To Be An Operator

Asia-Pacific has long been at the leading edge of technology deployment in the telecoms industry. Strikingly, at a recent event the standout messages were less about the technology and more about a change in the operator’s role, business models and mindsets where Asia-Pacific may be leading the field.

CEO Interview: Jason Hoffman, MobiledgeX

When it comes to edge computing and the telecom industry Jason Hoffman, President and CEO of MobiledgeX, does not mince his words. In this interview with 6GWorld, he addresses industry mindset, edge’s roles, and shares his vision on the market’s future.

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