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3GPP Rel-19 Toward 6G – Ofinno

Recently, 3GPP SA1 started various studies for Rel-19 5G systems. The outcome of Rel-19 may not only show the additional capability that the 5G system will offer, but also provide guidance on what the future 6G system needs to be capable of. This whitepaper discusses the ongoing areas of the Rel-19 studies.

What’s Really Going on With China and 6G?

Will China win the race to set the standards for 6G – and what will it mean if it does? These are the questions the digital watchers of the world are asking as we look towards IMT-2030. Not a country known for its transparency, China has recently outlined a commitment to invest in 6G and announced some so-called 6G firsts, details are thin on the ground.

Standards Towards 6G: “Everything Is At An Inflection”

When people share visions for what 6G might be, it is taken as read that there will be a standardisation process. What that process might look like, and who is involved, could be very different from before. 6GWorld talks to ETSI's David Boswarthick about the pressures standardisation faces when delivering on future generations.

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