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Learning From The Experts… In Other Topics

At last month's Life Beyond 5G event, parenting and work gurus, rappers, entrepreneurs, AI & 6G experts and more came together to explore how different aspects of life would change by the time 6G comes along. The results, and their priorities, are impressively grounded and often unexpected.

Report: The importance of preventing 6G SAG (Service Adoption Gap) – Omnisperience

As engineers and scientists begin to develop 6G technology, uncomfortable questions need to be addressed, including what the point of 6G is, how it will be monetised, and what sort of experience it will deliver.
5G has taught us that the ‘build it and they will come’ approach won’t work. In contrast, 6G must be customer centric, not network centric, and start with a far clearer proposition around customer value.

In this green paper we explore what’s needed to make 6G a success.

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