Guest Post: Navigating the IoT security landscape

Security and resilience in the telecoms landscape will only increase in significance over time; within that, managing security for the vast array of IoT devices and systems in all their diversity is a particular challenge. In this guest post, Wireless Logic’s Iain Davidson explores ways forward driven by legislative pressure.

Towards Dependable 6G Networks – TechRxiv

6G communication networks must be highly dependable. We take four dependability concepts such as reliability, availability, safety and security, and discuss the dependability of 6G networks. This
article, in summary, provides interesting insights into existing
challenges and advocates future research through highlighting
the most important research directions to make 6G dependable.

Securing ArtificiaI Intelligence (SAI); The role of hardware in security of AI – ETSI

ETSI’s newly published report gives an overview of the roles of general-purpose and specialized hardware, such as neural processors and neural networks, in enabling the security of AI. The report identifies hardware vulnerabilities and common weaknesses in AI systems and outlines the mitigations available in hardware to prevent attacks, as well as the general requirements on hardware to support the security of AI (SAI).