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Guest Post: What 6G ‘Everywhere’ Really Means

Each new generation of technology is an opportunity to overcome the shortcomings of its predecessors and stake out new use cases. 6G is no exception to that rule, including for how it will —finally — bring true broadband speeds to even the most remote, sparsely populated areas.

Industrial IoT Everywhere: Marrying Satellite, Services and Business Models

In the second of a three-part series, 6GWorld spoke to Roel Jansen, CEO of Hiber, to explore the work they are doing on supporting global IoT services through spaceborne communications. Especially with the renewed attention that satellite communications is receiving from companies including Softbank, SpaceX and Amazon understanding how the environment is developing for companies delivering satellite-based services is particularly relevant.

Guest Post: The Future of 6G is Up in the Air — Literally

For both the unserved and underserved, spaceborne and airborne networks offer hope — and not just in the form of traditional satellite internet services. The key to finally bringing true broadband services to every person everywhere is putting 6G cellular technology aboard LEO, MEO and GEO satellites and high-altitude platform systems (HAPS), transforming them into base stations capable of serving even the most remote places, such as the middle of the ocean. 5G's main drawback is that it's designed exclusively for terrestrial use...

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