Towards Dependable 6G Networks – TechRxiv

6G communication networks must be highly dependable. We take four dependability concepts such as reliability, availability, safety and security, and discuss the dependability of 6G networks. This
article, in summary, provides interesting insights into existing
challenges and advocates future research through highlighting
the most important research directions to make 6G dependable.

Conceptualizing Security in a 6G World

The physical world of 2030 and beyond will be more networked, digitised and automated than ever before, depending on connectivity and AI to function. How do we make sure that bad actors cannot exploit this to endanger lives and economies?

Commissioned by 6GWorld, this ABI Research report maps out the interplay between security challenges and the evolution beyond 5G networks, including recommendations for action today and further reading.

Can Beyond-5G Support Emergency Services? Lessons From FirstNet

To many within the telecoms environment, emergency services have seemed like a world apart, operating independently on systems such as TETRA. However, there are signs that this may be changing as the unique demands of public safety services start to overlap with what commercial systems are able to deliver.

Can we get to a point in the future where one system can support the whole of our society? 6GWorld had an enlightening conversation with Harlin Williams, long-time police chief and key mover behind the USA’s FirstNet initiative.