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6GSymposium Round-Up, Day 2: New Mindsets, New Relations and Making Money

in Day Two, speakers from around the world covered off a host of issues related to the commercial success of Beyond-5G services. The analysis explored what has gone wrong in the past and what needs to change for the coming generation of telecoms to be a commercial success – not just for the vendors but for the operators and their partner ecosystems.

The day underlined the point that the real evolution towards 6G may need to be in the industry’s mindsets, relationships and business models, with technology serving as an enabler rather than a driver.  

Data Privacy: Strong Regulations Need Strong Enforcement

Personal data laws are a relatively new invention and is still a wild west. As governments everywhere underline the need for greater digital trust, can consumers and regulators even be sure current laws are being followed? This interview with IMDEA Networks' Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez highlighted some striking stories.

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