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An Internet of Data May be on the Horizon

GSMA Open Connect is one of the multiple approaches over the years that have sought to take advantage of mobile operators’ data. Yet they have been stymied repeatedly in using that data to its full extent.

There are, however, developments beyond the traditional telecoms domain that might help to turn that around.

Internet Governance Discussions – Opening a 6G Cash Register?

While internet governance sounds only marginally relevant, there are some interesting opportunities available for those who can step in with solutions. Players in both internet and telecoms have the scope do exactly that, influencing the future of lives online as well as building whole new areas of business.  

Data Privacy: Strong Regulations Need Strong Enforcement

Personal data laws are a relatively new invention and is still a wild west. As governments everywhere underline the need for greater digital trust, can consumers and regulators even be sure current laws are being followed? This interview with IMDEA Networks' Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez highlighted some striking stories.

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