Podcast – The 6G Roundup (Aug 12)

In this 6G Roundup episode: a MoU between the Next G Alliance and 6G-IA, India’s efforts to develop 6G, and investments in photonics tech

Podcast – The 6G Roundup (Aug 5)

In this 6G Roundup episode: The US DoD’s investments in 6G, Finland offering its support to India, and a complex surgery performed with VR

Podcast – The 6G Roundup

In this episode: a new piece of test equipment for 6G devices, US-Saudi Arabia agreements, and a South Korean core network for 6G

Podcast – The 6G Roundup (Jul 15)

In this 6G Roundup episode: Next G Alliance’s candidate technologies for 6G, the German 6G-ANNA initiative, and Nokia’s O-RAN in the US