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7 Emerging Themes in 6G During 2021 So Far

While much is still unknown about what comes beyond 5G, the past six months have seen some considerable leaps forward in the thinking around it. 6GWorld has been fortunate to be involved with many conversations, webinars, events like the 6GSymposium, and more, and there are a number of patterns in people’s thinking that seem to be emerging. Excitingly, there is a clear awareness of how radically different the telecoms sector will need to be and how differently it will need to do things, in order to deliver in a way that works for business, society, and the environment.

Orange & NGMN: Slashing Network Energy Consumption

Ana Galindo Serrano of Orange chats with Transforma Insights' Jim Morrish about the work Orange and the NGMN are doing to curb power consumption in the network.
Among other things, the pair discuss moves to reduce energy usage in datacentres and battery rooms; and global steps towards introducing control and optimisation processes to maximise energy efficiency throughout the network.

Deutsche Telekom: Network Growth & Energy Reduction

Saima Ansari of Deutsche Telekom sits down to chat with Jim Morrish of Transforma Insights about sustainability in the network. Among other things they discuss DT's goals of reducing their carbon emissions by 90% over the coming decade and, in particular, how DT is tackling the challenge of reducing energy usage within the network, especially in the face of a projected growth in usage and devices.

This short video is just one of a series of conversations for 6GWorld designed to illuminate different aspects of how the telecoms industry can reconcile growth and sustainability, and connects to Transforma Insights' latest research on Sustainability in New & Emerging Technologies.

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