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Wireless Broadband Alliance Annual Industry Report 2022

The 2022 WBA Annual Industry Report takes a look at the industry trends and drivers. These include the addition of the 6GHz spectrum band in a growing number of countries around the world; the rapid commercial availability and market adoption of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E; and the flurry of innovative services ranging from the WBA OpenRoaming™ to Wi-Fi sensing. The Wi-Fi experience is becoming more deterministic. Wi-Fi 7 promises to supercharge Wi-Fi 6 with new techniques such as multi-link operation and time sensitive networking while leveraging spectrum dynamically with automatic frequency coordination. Wi-Fi is also increasingly integrated into cellular networks both at the access and core network level. Industries from hospitality to healthcare and transportation to smart cities are embracing this deterministic Wi-Fi to support new use cases and business models.

Industry 5.0 an ‘Industrial Evolution’ Instead of Revolution

While we are in the grip of “Industry 4.0” conversations, another wave of change in manufacturing and production is already rising. This will complement the new “Industrial revolution” rather than replace it. 6GWorld talked to thought leaders aiming to reinvent how the supply chain and manufacturers think about creating and moving the materials we need for our lifestyles.

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