IEEE & Queens University Belfast: Road to 6G, 10 Physical Layer Challenges

This paper by Queens University Belfast, published in the IEEE Communications Magazine, looks at some of the fundamental problems that pertain to key physical layer enablers for 6G. This includes highlighting challenges related to intelligent reflecting surfaces, cell-free massive MIMO and THz communications. Our analysis covers theoretical modeling challenges, hardware implementation issues and scalability among others. The paper concludes by delineating the critical role of signal processing in the new era for wireless communications.

“6G Fundamentals” – IEEE 6G Lecture Upcoming

Following the release of Dr David Soldani’s white paper, “6G Fundamentals: Vision and Enabling Technologies -From 5G to 6G Trustworthy and Resilient Systems”, the University of New South Wales professor will be giving an online talk hosted by IEEE to discuss the observations and conclusions.

IEEE – The Road Towards 6G: A Comprehensive Survey

IEEE members Wei Jiang, Bin Han,
Mohammad Asif Habibi, and Hans Dieter Schotten collate a comprehensive survey of 6G’s elements, status, and possible future directions. The authors investigate 6G as a set of communications network technologies, and apply a scope and treatment appropriate to that definition.