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CEO Interview: Jason Hoffman, MobiledgeX

When it comes to edge computing and the telecom industry Jason Hoffman, President and CEO of MobiledgeX, does not mince his words. In this interview with 6GWorld, he addresses industry mindset, edge’s roles, and shares his vision on the market’s future.

CXO Interview: The Evolution of Private Networks

6GWorld spoke to BAI Communications' Brendan O'Reilly about the evolution of private networks and the directions it is taking for the future. We discuss the commercial drivers behind private networking; the role of Edge, Cloud and IT integration; the risk of legacy in private networks; and where the business is headed.

The Gaming Revolution of the 2020s is Not What You Think

"Cloud gaming has become the killer service for 5G," says Blacknut CEO Olivier Avaro. The company sits in a unique position to discuss the interplay between telecom networks and the gaming industry.
But if you are pinning your hopes on VR as the next revolution in gaming... think again. It's going to be both more pragmatic and more transformational than you think.

Apples and Applications: Use Cases Uniting Enterprise and Telco at the Edge

Ahead of Mobile World Congress, 6GWorld sat down with Susan James, Senior Director of Telecoms Strategy at Red Hat, to talk about the early indicators of adoption they are seeing in edge networking and how that relates to other trends such as private networking.
We examine the realities of edge networking technology, analytics and the business models that might make it viable.

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