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A Survey on the Use of Blockchain for Future 6G: Technical Aspects, Use Cases, Challenges and Research Directions – Researchgate

We present a high-level view of the role of blockchain for 6G trends
and requirements. Following that, we conduct an in-depth study
on how the blockchain can provide a secure, transparent, and
decentralised underpinning to various technical aspects and use
cases of 6G. Thereafter, we discuss the deployment challenges
to be faced

Money And Property in the 2020s – Are Telcos Ready For What’s Coming?

The rollout and evolution of 5G is being marked by discussions around open systems,; innovation on top of platforms, decentralisation and coordination using blockchain or decentralised ledgers. During the decade ahead, and the evolution from 5G to 6G, these new developments look set to reshape the telecoms landscape and operating models.

Strikingly, the evolution of financial services and of the metaverse – fundamental to any future digital economy -are being underpinned by similar forces to telecoms’ own evolution and are liable to co-evolve over the coming decade. There are both lessons and opportunities in these that the telecoms market would be wise to explore.

So What Is Needed to Enable the Metaverse?

On October 28th this year Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg officially made public the company’s intentions to create its version of the metaverse, Horizon. Some days later, Microsoft announced it was bringing 3D avatars into Teams. And Decentraland’s...

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