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Guest Post: Navigating the IoT security landscape

Security and resilience in the telecoms landscape will only increase in significance over time; within that, managing security for the vast array of IoT devices and systems in all their diversity is a particular challenge. In this guest post, Wireless Logic's Iain Davidson explores ways forward driven by legislative pressure.

6G Network Dangers: 7 Tips for Mitigating Future Concerns

As we look to step into the era of 6G technology, it's crucial to address the inherent security and privacy concerns that come with such advanced connectivity. The leap to 6G introduces complexities and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber threats,...

6G Security: What We Know & What Comes Next

Hard on the heels of an ABI Research report for 6GWorld, this on-demand webinar brings perspectives from ENISA, Trend Micro and ABI to explore where cybersecurity trends are leading us and how we can seize fresh opportunities.

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